Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2008

Heidi Klum Rose - finished

Heidi Klum Rose, watercolor,
10"x16,5", copyright: Doris Joa

Hurrah! The painting of the Heidi Klum Rose is finished.
I really did hurry this afternoon, because I still wanted to do a photo, before it was getting too dark outside. I did soften so many edges, but I still need again a closer look to see if I have maybe forgotten one or two.

The greys in the background at the top are a mix of sap green with winsor violet.
When you compare this photo to the photo in the post before you will notice that I have painted over some leaves, which were too white, it didn't work and my eyes were still wandering there, especially to the leaves on the right side at the bottom.
When I was finished with the painting I did at first a photo and looked to it at the monitor. This helped me to see how distracting the hard edges were. So I used a flat brush and softened them.
Here is a photo of this brush, this works really perfect.

In the next photo I just would like to show how the painting looks before with some hard edges and how it looks after softening them. This may help for the beginners to get a good suggestion.

You see in the left photo how distracting these edges are, here is a close up of the part which shows it much better. I think I should have done the photo then, before I softened the other edges and did think of showing this when the most were already softened. But I think you will get a good suggestion of what I mean.

The next Rose is already planned and I hope to start this maybe tomorrow, but for now I will go back to my figurative work, this WIP you can see on my regular blog here.

See you soon!


Ann Christine Dennison hat gesagt…

Wow this is beautiful.
I am so glad you commented on my blog (Thanks!) so I found yours!

April Jarocka hat gesagt…

Hi Doris! Thought I'd drop in and see what you're up to and I see you're up to beautiful things with those paintbrushes. Your roses are exquisite!
Kind Regards
April Jarocka

Tracy Hall hat gesagt…

Another beauty, Doris.