Montag, 13. Oktober 2008

Orange Rose

Rose Bonita Renaissance, size: 5" x 7"
copyright: Doris Joa

This is my newest Rose painting. This Rose is named: Rose Bonita Renaissance. I have some Renaissance Roses in my garden, Clair Renaissance, Amelita Renaissance and Bonita Renaissance. All three are so beautiful and so different in the colours.

Bonita usually is not so orange, but I wanted to paint it so glowing as the Rose was hit by the sun.
For the Oranges I used an underwash of Indian Yellow and then added Translucent Orange.
For the darker colours I added at first Alizarin Crimson to the Orange, but I did not like this mix, because Alizarin Crimson is a cool red and Translucent Orange is warm, very warm and I did not like the effect. So I added instead Scarlet Lake, a warm Red and was very pleased with the result. Only for the cool areas I used the Alizarin. The leaves are painted with Helio Turquoise for the cool blue hues, and for the warm greens I simply mixed this Turquoise with Aureolin.

The dark background was painted with Indian Yellow, Alizarin Crimson, Phthalo Green and Phthalo Blue. I have not done at first an underwash of Yellow. I simply added the colours and let them mix on the wet paper. But to get this really darkness I needed to do some layers.

When I did my last order at my supplier I did a mistake. Although I ordered Arches coldpressed paper, I ordered the wrong weight, instead of 140 Lb I have now 95 Lb. But I must say the only difference is that the paper is thinner. It was very beautiful to paint on this paper and makes absolutely no difference in the quality of the artwork. The colours are the same glowing as on the thicker paper. I have not stretched it, I painted this Rose on the blog. Only when I removed the paper from the blog then I saw that I worked on a thinner paper.

This Rose and the other two Roses are up for auction on ebay.
Click here for purchase information.

I am painting on another Orange Rose and I hope it will be very soon finished.

One side note: On my regular blog I have posted today some Gladiolas and a Pink Hibiscus, I think they are worth a look (Purchase Infos for them are extra). Thank you.

See you soon!

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José hat gesagt…

Allo Doris,

Your paintings are trully wonderful.
This one is no exception.
You mention indian yellow, that's one of my favourites. It helped me to achieve a certain colour on clouds.