Freitag, 10. Oktober 2008

Yellow or Orange Rose?

Yesterday I was already working on a new composition for a yellow Rose painting and wanted to start with it. But now I will do at first another colour, it will be an orange Rose.
I belong to an Artgroup and we have decided to do a group-project. The project is a botancial work in orange. At first I was thinking about maybe an orange Daylily, an orange Hibiscus but then I have decided to do an orange Rose.
So this morning I am sitting here with my beautiful cup filled with coffee and I am searching through all my I just found something what grabbed me and now I will go and work on an interesting composition. When I have figured this out I will then decide about the size. I was thinking about 5x7 inch or maybe also 8x10 inch. Will see.
I hope to work today on it, but the weather is so fine and my kids would love to do anything with me outside. So maybe I will be able to show something tomorrow and not today.
But I already can tell you it is the Rose Pat Austin, one of David Austin's Roses and I will paint this in watercolor.

See you soon!

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