Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2008

Pink Rose Painting finished

I am so excited. My first Rose painting for this blog is finished.
It is only painted with transparent watercolors and I used all the colours which I mentioned in the previous post.
At first I was worried a bit about the composition and I had to cut some of the white area on the right side, it did not look good. But now as it is I really love it to have this painting in this way.
It worked also absolutely great on the unstretched hotpressed paper - it did not buckle in any way.
I am off to start a new Rose painting. It will be a yellow Rose and I have already worked on the composition.
I have hundreds of reference photos or better thousands and I could not get enough to view this Roses. But when I look through them I must get the "Kick" and then I immediately know which one I want to paint. Otherwise I am getting bored while painting and this is never good.

I do not have a Title for this Rose painting yet. I was thinking about giving names to the Roses, not the real Roses names, because I do not know all the names. But how would it be to have girls names for the Roses, like "Monika", "Irina", Julie or so. Hmmm ... I must think about it. Maybe I will get another idea.

See you soon!


Tracy Hall hat gesagt…

This turned out beautifully, Doris! It has been lovely and very interesting to watch the developement. So pleased it worked for you to use the block rather than stretching as well.

RomanticRoses@DorisJoa hat gesagt…

Thank you Tracy. It has saved me a lot of time to not stretch the paper and worked really well.