Freitag, 17. Oktober 2008

Lions Rose

I did start yesterday with a new Rose painting. The Name of the Rose is "Lions Rose" and grows - again - in my own garden. This Rose looks absolutely beautiful, the petals are creamy with a hint of pink.
The composition looks very interesting, the full bloom is at the top of the high format and there will come the stem with dark green leaves. In the close up you can see the colours of the bloom better. There has not happened very much yet.
When I start a Rose painting (or any other painting) I always need the first time to think which colours would be the best and I apply them very carefully to see if this is what I want. When I like it I then add more and darker layers.
For the creamy white I have decided to do a mix of Indian Yellow and Translucent Orange (a very light mix), because it is not only yellow and it is not only orange. And the Yellow and Orange works perfect for me. For the hint of pink I am using a very ligth wash of Alizarin Crimson.
For the darker areas (where the petals are in shadow) I use a mix of Alizarin Crimson and Phthalo Blue and add here and there a bit of orange to the mix and/or also a bit of Sap Green, because the colours of the leaves will also be reflected in the petals.
For the warm orange/red areas in the petals in shadow I have applied at first some Translucent Orange and then some of Alizarin Crimson. Maybe I will later reduce the warmth of the colour there and add a bit of Phthalo Blue.

See you soon!

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sofianime hat gesagt…

Great blog, Doris, thank you for the tutorials! Your rose apintings are gorgeous! keep up the awesome work!

~Elisa :)