Samstag, 25. Oktober 2008

Heidi Klum Rose - next step

There has not happened very much in this Rose painting yet. I did have a visit from a very dear friend, which I have not seen for several years now and I took all the time for her which was possible. And the other day I was swimming with my kids and we all enjoyed this.
Also I am still working on a figurative painting, which Work in Progress you may have seen on my other blog, so there was only a bit of time for this Rose.

I am very excited that my Step-by-Step-Demonstration is also available now in Russia Language. I was asked if I would allow this so that Russian people can read it and learn from it. I am very pleased that my Demonstration, is helpful and that other artists like to learn from it.
You can see it in Russian here.

I have painted more on the petals, using all the colours, which I mentioned before. But I liked to go to the leaves and wanted to paint some of them, this gives me the feeling, that there is more happening on the white paper and I enjoy this. It also gives me a better feeling how the painting will look like, so I am painting then here and there on the mainsubject and here and there on the leaves.
For the leaves I used aureolin yellow, indian yellow, sap green, phthalo green and helio turquoise. I also used some of the Winsor Violet in the leaves. I like the different colours on the leaves, to have some warm and some cool and some darker and some very light. I love to go forward with this painting and I hope to post very soon better progress.

I was contacted by several people about my new Rosesblog and that they like it and my Demos of how I create my Rose paintings. I hope that my blog is also helpful for YOU and gives some inspiration. Please share it with your friends and link to my blog and when you have a moment, simply leave a comment. I love to hear what you think.

See you soon!

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