Montag, 27. April 2009

My blog

Hi to all my Subscribers, Followers and other Readers,
I have decided to go on with only one blog. It is not possible to be really up to date with my work and blogging when writing on more than one blog.
Of course I still will paint my Roses, because this is one of my greatest passion but I also want to focus also more on figurative paintings and I also understand that it is often time consuming for a reader to switch between two different blogs and often they forget to check my other work.
So I will close this blog and I invite you all to come over to my regular blog/website at and to subscribe there.
I also will share tips and I also will do Demos there as I have done here.

Tomorrow I hope to show a new step of my current Rose painting there.
And today you will see a work in progress of a small portrait of a beautiful young lady.

I hope to see you at my blog:

Mittwoch, 22. April 2009

Magnolia instead of a Rose

Magnolia on blue backgroundSize is 8"x8", watercolor on 140 Lb coldpressed paper.
Magnolia, $80 plus $10.50 for shipping (insurance and airmail)

My Rose painting is going very slow and since our Magnolia tree was full in bloom this year I thought I would do a small Magnolia, before I go back to the Roses.
A lot of people made photos of our Magnolia tree (maybe this were also flower artists ? :).

Donnerstag, 9. April 2009

Roses WIP

This is the third time that I am starting with this painting.
The first was started on hotpressed paper and also the Roses were painted beautifully I didn't like the leaves. They were not that what I was looking for.
Maybe this is also an excuse because I wanted to start it over and then doing it on watercolor canvas. Since I learnt this stretching technique from Joyce Faulknor I really love to paint in this way and to be able to offer my paintings without the need of a frame or the need of glass, when it will be framed. I never have a problem with starting over a painting, when something isn't so as I want to have it I simply start over.
So my second try was then on the stretched canvas and then I did a big mistake in my background. The Roses were beautiful and also I liked my leaves work but then it looked so busy and I started with a dark background. And I immediately started too dark. I then was not able to create more depth behind and between the leaves and it was not looking like that what I had in my mind for this painting.
So I started again. That is what you see now. I will work at first a bit more on the Roses and then I think I will start with the first leaves, but this time I will be more carefully and I will think better before I put the brush on my paper. I have something in mind with my background. I want to have the Rose at a sunny day with a lot of leaves creating depth, but also the sunshine glittering in the background. It will be interesting and I love this project.

The Colours on this Rose are so far:
- Indian Yellow
- Aureolin Yellow
The shadows are created with a mix of Phthalo Blue and Permanent Rose and here and there I added Alizarin Crimson to this mix.
The different yellows were used as a light underwash on this shadows but not on all petals.

When you are here maybe you want to visit my other blog. I painted another Hydrangea, a pink peony and some pansies which I am showing there.

See you soon!

Sonntag, 5. April 2009

Sangerhauser Jubiläumsrose


This Rose is named "Sangerhauser Jubiläumsrose" and I really love her colours. This Rose is not really yellow or pink, the colours are so beautifully mixed and I am sure I will do another painting.
Size is 6"x6", painted on watercolor canvas.