Montag, 6. Oktober 2008

New Rose painting started

Today I have done the drawing for a new Rose painting.
It is a Pink Rose with a lot of leaves and three buds and a tiny mini bud.
I will paint this Rose on 140 Lb hotpressed Watercolor Paper. Usually I always stretch my paper, but I want to try new things. So this time I will paint directly on the blog without stretching and see how it works. Will it make a difference when the paper is untouched and was not yet in water? Hmmm ... I am really curious.

I will do this Rose painting with a white background. I have done a photo of the drawing, so it will give a good suggestion how it looks. But it also can be that I will change some of the leaves during the paint process, add some more, change the angle, form and so on.

For my pinks I will use Transparent Rose from W&N, Alizarin Crimson from Schmincke, some Indian Yellow and Phthalo Blue (both are also from Schmincke). Of course I will not forget to add some green of the leaves on the flowerpetals, to get colourharmony. As you know each subject is reflected by things arround it, so I will also add some pinks on the leaves later.
I will make some photos of the painting process. I am sorry when the photo of the drawing is not better, I just made light pencilstrokes, which I also will erase before adding the colours. I do not like to see later the pencildrawing.
I will start at first on the big mainflower and then I also will start with working on the leaves.

See you soon!

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