Donnerstag, 27. November 2008

Greeting Cards available

I have been working hard on some new projects in the past weeks, which includes more Roses, but for the moment I will not talk more about it, because my subscribers on my newsletter will be the first who will get the news. I hope to send the newsletter in the first week of December.

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But for today I am pleased to show you some of my brandnew greeting cards, which are created of some of my roses.

The cards measure 4″x6″ and are folded at the side. The inside is blank white and white envelopes are included.

The printed image has fantastic colours. I really love them.

The cards are available through my Etsy shop.


April Jarocka hat gesagt…

Hi Dora. The cards look absolutely beautiful. Good luck with selling them!

Tracy Hall hat gesagt…

The cards look great, Doris!

Julia_S hat gesagt…

Hallo Doris,

Deine Rosen sind wundervoll. Überhaupt ein ganz fantastischer Blog!

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