Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2008

Next step on the Pink Rose painting

I have worked further on this Pink Rose Watercolor painting. More leaves are painted and the main rose is also finished. I really love what I have done yet and I am very pleased about this Watercolor painting.
It also makes a lot of fun to paint on the unstretched paper in the blog. I never have done this with hotpressed paper before and a fellow artist told me that she always did this and never got any buckles, so I needed to make things easier for me, instead of wasting my time with wetting, stretching, dryingtime etc.
I painted with the colours, which I mentioned before on the leaves as on the Rose.
Since this painting will have a white background, then it will be a botanical Rose painting, I hope to finish it tomorrow. Hope you like what you see yet.

See you soon!

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