Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2008

More Colours on my Pink Rose Watercolor Painting

I have started with painting on the rose.
In the first photo you can see that I have already some yellow underwashes.
I used Indian Yellow on the Rose - where I think where the warm areas are.
I then used also Indian Yellow on some of the leaves, but I also used Aureolin (a cool yellow) on other leaves.

In my previous post I made a mistake. I do not use Transparent Rose, the right name of the colour from Winsor and Newton is Permanent Rose. I am sorry for this mistake.

Did I already tell you that this rose composition is done from several photos which I did about this Pink Rose? Although I worked a bit on photoshop for the composition, the rest was created when I did the drawing. So I really have no real idea how this painting will look like when it is finished.
This is always an interesting part to see how the painting will develops.
So while painting I think it will help when I add more and more colours on different parts and not only concentrate on maybe the rose.

In the second photo you will see that I have add some colours. For the warm areas on the Rose (where also the yellow underwash is) I added a mix of Alizarin Crimson and Permanent Rose. For the neutral tones I used only the Permanent Rose and for the very cool areas I use the Permanent Rose mixed with Phthalo Blue.
On the leaves I am using yellow as mentioned above and also Sap Green (from Daniel Smith). I also added Alizarin Crimson there and of course Phthalo Blue is also used. I have a wonderful Turqoise Colour in my box (Helio turquoise from Schmincke), which is a beautiful colour, so maybe I will work with this colour too on cooler areas. I love Turquoise colours.

I am so excited about this Rose painting, but I must be careful. I tend to overwork often some areas and then it can happen that I am loosing the whites so I always must stop myself. LOL
Also it is great to drop in the colours instead of doing brushworks. I mean wet the area and then drop the colour in and it will flow naturally.
I will go on and adding more colours now.

See you soon
and Thank you for stopping by.

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