Mittwoch, 15. Oktober 2008

Orange Rose - October Challenge Painting

In one of my previous Posts I was talking about a Painting Challenge.
The October Challenge was to paint an orange botancial painting. I knew immediately that I would paint an Orange Rose and here is the painting.
It is painted on 95 Lb coldpressed Arches watercolor paper and size is around 10"x12".
You can buy it directly from my Etsy-shop, if you are interested in this painting.

Please visit the to see what the other artists have done. We are a group of very nice ladies from UK, Canada, USA and Germany (me!). It is great to know all these ladies, although it is through Internet. But who knows maybe one day we will meet each other........

Go to and view all the October Challenge Paintings there. You will love them.

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This is a very beautiful painting!