Dienstag, 27. Januar 2009

Rose Ghislaine de Féligonde

Rose Ghislaine de Féligonde
watercolor, 6x9 inch

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This Watercolor painting is of the Rose Ghislaine de Féligonde. A wonderful Rose. I got this Rosebush some years ago from my kids to Mother's Day and I so much love this Rose. It is amazing how the colours change, I can't get enough.
This small watercolor is painted on Reeves Watercolor board. And I can tell you that in my E-book will be a wonderful Rosestudy of this Rose. I am working on the final things in this E-book and hope to release it in some days.

I am also going to post a new figurative study on my other blog, maybe you want to have a look here ?


Catherine hat gesagt…

Simply beautiful ! I also love the way you depicted the veins of the petals. I long to see your E-Book and think that your garden, with this Rose Ghislaine de Féligonde and all others varieties, must be wonderful !!!

Oh, and I just thought that you would like to know that my article about "staining pigments" is now online.

RomanticRoses@DorisJoa hat gesagt…

Thank you Catherine.

Catherine hat gesagt…

You are very welcome Doris !

I will soon publish other articles about lightfastness, dispersion, families of pigments and how to stabilize an ureliable stain in order to insure its permanence.
I hope that these will be helpful.

And, I just answered to your questions on my blog.

Carla hat gesagt…

Hello! thank your visit in my blog art....your work is beautiful, beautiful..
perfect i like roses and flowers...contact me.
good night!!