Sonntag, 18. Januar 2009

Heritage: David Austins Rose in watercolor and more Roses

Heritage, Original watercolor painting
size: 6x6 inch


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This is again one of David Austin's Roses: Heritage. This Rose is so beautiful with the delicate pink going into white.
Again I have painted only with transparent watercolor as I usually do.
For the warm pinks I used a touch of Alizarin Crimson and added also some Indian Yellow.
The shadows were painted with a mix of Phthalo Blue and Alizarin Crminson and for the cooler pinks I added some Permanent Rose. I used Crescent Watercolor board.

I already painted this Rose on coldpressed paper in size 5x7 inch some time ago. Here is a photo.

Heritage Rose, Original watercolor painting,
size: 5x7 inch


Beside that I was busy with a commission. A Lady who bought my 6x6 painting of the Rose Golden Celebration wanted to have a trio, which included also a pink and a red Rose.
Here is the result. All paintings are done on 340 Lb coldpressed watercolor paper. Since the first painting was done on this paper, I decided to go for all paintings with the same paper, so that the look is the same.

Pink, Yellow and Red Rose, Original watercolor paintings

And this Rose is Rose New Dawn, painted on Crescent Watercolor Board, size is 6x6.
I used the same colours as in the Heritage Rose, but added more of the Permanent Rose colour there.

Rose New Dawn, Original watercolor painting,
size: 6x6 inch



mollie jones hat gesagt…

Hi Doris. I wrote earlier, but it strangely disappeared. Just wanted you to know that your roses are just usual. Thought you might like to hear that my New Dawn is blooming right now. It is a really old vine, but blooms every year spring and winter for me. It knows I love roses.

Catherine hat gesagt…

Hello Doris,
I don't know if you received my first comment. All your roses are beautiful, you really mastered the colored contrasts for these pieces.
I read that you usually work with transparent watercolor, may I ask you why ? Is it because you work by glazing ? I would like to have your opinion about transparent colors and time preservation ...
Have a nice week !

Fábio Cembranelli hat gesagt…

Hello Doris, you've visited my blog. Wow I feel flattered... thank you very much for your nice words, you're very kind and I've been following your work, it's outstanding .If you don't mind, I'll link your blog.

RomanticRoses@DorisJoa hat gesagt…

Thank you Mollie, Catherine and Fabio.
Mollie, you are lucky to have the Rose blooming now, I must wait until Summer ............
Catherine, I got your message and thanked for it in the other comment.
I work only with transparent colours, because I work with layers. I love to see colours shining through previous layers, with opaque colors this is not possible.

Fabio, thank you also very much, I have linked also to your site.

Catherine hat gesagt…

Hello Doris !

Layers, this is what I supposed.

I also work by glazing but do not limit my palette to transparent colors because I worry (maybe too much !) about the preserving of the pigments. Unfortunately, many of the completely transparent pigments are also impermanent.