Donnerstag, 9. April 2009

Roses WIP

This is the third time that I am starting with this painting.
The first was started on hotpressed paper and also the Roses were painted beautifully I didn't like the leaves. They were not that what I was looking for.
Maybe this is also an excuse because I wanted to start it over and then doing it on watercolor canvas. Since I learnt this stretching technique from Joyce Faulknor I really love to paint in this way and to be able to offer my paintings without the need of a frame or the need of glass, when it will be framed. I never have a problem with starting over a painting, when something isn't so as I want to have it I simply start over.
So my second try was then on the stretched canvas and then I did a big mistake in my background. The Roses were beautiful and also I liked my leaves work but then it looked so busy and I started with a dark background. And I immediately started too dark. I then was not able to create more depth behind and between the leaves and it was not looking like that what I had in my mind for this painting.
So I started again. That is what you see now. I will work at first a bit more on the Roses and then I think I will start with the first leaves, but this time I will be more carefully and I will think better before I put the brush on my paper. I have something in mind with my background. I want to have the Rose at a sunny day with a lot of leaves creating depth, but also the sunshine glittering in the background. It will be interesting and I love this project.

The Colours on this Rose are so far:
- Indian Yellow
- Aureolin Yellow
The shadows are created with a mix of Phthalo Blue and Permanent Rose and here and there I added Alizarin Crimson to this mix.
The different yellows were used as a light underwash on this shadows but not on all petals.

When you are here maybe you want to visit my other blog. I painted another Hydrangea, a pink peony and some pansies which I am showing there.

See you soon!

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Fábio Cembranelli hat gesagt…

Hi Doris...thanks for sharing your technique. I've read your previous posts carefully...your white roses are stunning paintings, I love them. I'll be back to see this painting finished. Your work is getting better and better.