Sonntag, 1. März 2009

Roses - a bit different

NO title yet - watercolor, size 16"x16
copyright: Doris Joa

I thought I would do a Rose painting a bit different than usual and I liked working on this piece very much. I once again tried the stretched watercolor paper (canvas).
In the background I had to put a lot of water for my layers. And then the paper buckled on some places. When all is dry of course than it is flat again.
It seems that working with a lot of water and washes the paper doesn't stay flat.

But on the other side this painting looks fantastic in a frame. I already have a wonderful gold frame (which is especially for stretcher bars paintings) and it looks fantastic in it.

It is fantastic to be able to hang a painting immediately with or without frame.
I will continue to work on all surfaces which I can get. If this is only on paper or paper stretched on stretcher bars or Aquaboard or other Boards. I like to have the opportunity to try new things out.

Some other news:
I have sent one of my Rose paintings to the Society of Botanical Artists in UK. And I am happy that it was selected for the Society of Botanical Artists Exhibition. This prestigious exhibition takes place at Westminster Central Hall, London from April 24th to May 3rd. I was not sure if this Rose painting would make it in, because it is no really botanical work. But I am happy that it is IN. Here is the painting:

Rose Ghislaine de Féligonde - watercolor, size 12"x16
copyright: Doris Joa

By the way: This painting is one of the full Step-by-Step-Demonstrations in my E-book.


Jala Pfaff hat gesagt…

Congratulations! and these are gorgeous.

Catherine hat gesagt…

Congratulations Doris, I am very happy for you !
I really love the first one (the untitled one) and, with the rose, the way you depicted the wood texture is absolutely great ! Nice work.

Katherine Tyrrell hat gesagt…

Hi Doris - I've mentioned your work in the SBA exhibition and included a link to this blog post on my blog in 26th April 2009 - Who's made a mark this week?