Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2009

Blog awards and Pink Rose

Rose Open Arms, watercolor on 140 Lb coldpressed paper,
size: 6"x6"

This is another small Rose painting on 140 Lb coldpressed paper. The pinks were created with Permanent Rose and Alizarin Crimson. Under the Permanent Rose I did at first an underwash of Indian Yellow to give this colour a very warm effect. I love the result. In the background I used a lot of Indian Yellow to give a very warm feeling to the painting.

I can't believe it. I got three Blog awards and was also tagged. Let me begin here:

1. Thank you to Tracy Hall and April Jarocka for their Passion for Painting Award.
Tracy Hall does wonderful watercolors and has become an expert in doing Miniatures. And I mean really tiny Miniatures with so high detail, it is amazing how she does this.
April Jarocka does wonderful paintings in oil and acrylics and I love a lot her beach and stone paintings. Absolutely beautiful!

2. Thank you to Zelma Cinnamon for her award. Zelma does wonderful drawings and flowers in watercolor. Her work is very beautiful, you will love it, too!

For these awards I must list seven things I love:
1. My family (of course)
2. Jogging (Running, I am not sure how you english people say it)
3. Chocolate
4. Romantic Music
5. A cup of hot tea beside me when I paint
6. Black Tom cats
7. reading

And this are things which I love to do/to have each day.

3. And I was tagged by Fabio Cembranelli. Thank you Fabio.
Fabio is a wonderful watercolor artist and I am amazed with his use of this medium. I really admire how he works, because I can't do it this way and this let me enjoy his art so very much.

And here I must list seven unusual things about me:
1. Beside my realism work I love fantasy art.
2. I have a license for driving motorcycles. I owned a Yamaha SR 500, but this is long time ago!
3. I never had interest in art until I was 38!
4. I never liked swimming, but now with my kids I love to go so often as it is possible.
5. I love the music from Queen, and especially Freddy Mercury. What a voice!
6. I always wanted to have my hair like Farrah Fawcett from "Charlie's Angels", but I have so many curls, it never was possible.
7. I always wanted to learn piano as a kid, but my family never could afford it. And now I don't have the time, because painting is the BIG passion!

Please visit all the artists blog with clicking on their name. You will enjoy their work the same as I am doing this.

Now I have to nominate some other artists.

A Passion for Painting award goes to:

Catherine DE RYCK
Mary Jansen
Vernita Bridges Hoyt
Jane Freeman
Christiane Fortin
Kelly Singleton

I need to let them know this. I hope you will visit all the other artist's sites. I am sure you will enjoy their art very much.

See you soon!


V. Bridges-Hoyt hat gesagt…

Doris, thank you so much for passing along the Passion for Painting award. While here I've looked over your blogsite, and I must compliment you on a job well done. I really like it! Oh, and I am just reminded that I need to go set up the blog roll which I forgot about doing. Your paintings are all just gorgeous! So beautiful! Thanks again ... talk to you soon.

Catherine hat gesagt…

Thank you very much Doris, it is an honour. The simple fact that the talented artist that you are appreciates my work is a great recompense ! Thanks again !